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The high rates of death and killings that is now being witnessed across America and the rest of the world are part of a hidden war that is being waged against humanity as a whole, a war that must be brought to an immediate halt at all costs, and your signature is needed to make that happen. This war I speak of is being waged against mostly black people not just in America alone but also all over the world. From Mexico, Honduras, El Savador, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, China, Japan, Korea, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil and even Africa. That foolishness must be brought to an immediate halt with your voices echoing mine.

We are now catching on thanks to social media but the shocking truth is this horrible reality has  been ongoing for years and IT IS TIME FOR THAT TO END.  The Black Lives Matter movement that has now risen as a direct result of this war MUST BE HEARD and not be ignored or misunderstood. What the movement is calling for is for "black people" to be allowed to live in Peace and be treated with the same respect everyone receives. I stand with their cause and ask you to join me in DEMANDING that The President of The United States, Congress using the full might of their war powers and The Supreme Court declare an IMMEDIATE CEASE FIRE on all sides and ban the use of deadly force on American soil so we can all take the time to fix whatever is broken and needs to be fixed and make America safe for all of us to live in peace. With your added voices I will be able to enforce this CEASEFIRE even if Washington refuses to act. Sign to demand that our nation's leaders declare an immediate CEASEFIRE so we can address what needs to be addressed more effectively.