Thousand Oaks Elementary School Should Teach Physical Education to All Grades

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In California, it is required for schools to teach 20 minutes of physical education, or P.E., per day. Thousand Oaks Elementary School, in Berkeley, teaches kindergarten through fifth grade, but they only teach P.E. to grades kindergarten through 3rd. Currently, grades 4 and 5 are taught dance, for 50 minutes, once per week. This, while still exercise, isn’t enough to meet standards or to keep students healthy. I want Thousand Oaks to provide the standard amount of P.E. to all grades. There are many reasons why I believe this. For one, learning skills such as cooperation and teamwork through P.E. helps prepare students for their futures. P.E. also improves academic performance in other classes. These are just a few reasons why Thousand Oaks should reestablish their P.E. program.