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Mayor Explains Why He Won't Sign Gay Marriage Petition

Laguna Beach, CA

Apr 3, 2012 — “I can’t act as an individual. That’s the thing that people aren’t understanding,” Garcia said. “I am just one person amongst five. Everything is done by a vote.”

Garcia later told Patch and the Gill-Gerards that he personally does not have a problem with gay marriage, but as mayor of a common law city he will not sign.

“I understand their position and what they want to do,” Garcia said.

Alex said he plans to send Garcia a thank you letter. He hopes Garcia will issue a statement personally supporting gay marriage.

“This would be a victory in our opinion,” Alex said.

But Garcia said the way the pledge was presented left a “bad taste" in his mouth. The document stated Garcia “personally knows” gay couples in committed, long-term relationships who are active participants in the city. With the exception of the Gill-Gerards, that's untrue, Garcia said.

The mayor also said he was unhappy that his name already appeared on the pledge, awaiting his signature.


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