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Don't wait until they're critically ill - help cystic fibrosis sufferers like my fiancé

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Those with cystic fibrosis like my fiancé struggle to breathe. And only half of sufferers make it past 40 years of age. But there is the breakthrough treatment "Orkambi" which research shows can half the rate of lung function decline potentially adding years to a person’s life.

But the NHS say they can’t afford to give it to patients at the price it’s being made. So I’m calling on the company Vertex to work with the NHS and make it affordable.

My fiancé is one of the "lucky ones" and has been on Orkambi for 2 months. But he only was given access because his lung function took a big dip and he was at serious risk.

Since being on the drug, his lung function has increased by 7% taking him out of the danger zone. This is brilliant but there are many sufferers who could benefit from this drug sooner. Instead, they are being forced to wait until they’re seriously ill.  

Both the NHS and Vertex need to work together to support others who are suffering. There is extensive research showing how beneficial this drug and it available for those in the US, Germany and France already.

Please sign to help make many people including my fiancé have the best pain free life they could possible get.  

Thank you

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