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Don't Throw #VegasStrong Crosses in Storage like old furniture

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Don't Throw #VegasStrong Crosses in Storage like old furniture

Greg Zanis, a retired carpenter, traveled from Chicago and lined the 58 crosses behind the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign honoring the 58 lives lost during the Oct. 1 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The 58 crosses that were moved from the Welcome to Las Vegas are currently on display at the Clark County Museum and will be on display until Dec. 17. After that they are going to a new home... In a warehouse. Are you kidding!! This shooting devastated our community and your just going to throw them in storage like old boxes?

Erik Poppa, Clark County spokesman stated "The crosses are being preserved for the future and no permanent exhibit is planned. They will be displayed when it’s appropriate, possibly, for instance, on the one-year anniversary." I was outraged when I heard this. You wouldn't put a tomb-stone in storage would you?

How about instead of just throwing them in a storage unit, you put them at the Memorial Garden? If not the Memorial Garden, somewhere other than a warehouse... People grieve and mourn in different ways and they need a place to go to reflect on their terms. The fact that someone would have to schedule an appointment to see a cross is appalling. It's as if they were going to the doctor. Come on Las Vegas, we're better than that!

We have a "Neon Bone-Yard" (Neon Museum) that people can see the history of Las Vegas and see all the old Casino Signs and Neon Displays. Why put something so important that people died from in storage like old boxes?

How about working with the community on the best place to keep them on display? Putting them in storage is just disrespectful..

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