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Don't threaten homeless people with fines

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Homeless people sleeping rough in Oxford have been issued with threats of fines of up to £2,500 just for having their sleeping bags and possessions in shop doorways. 

Can we get 2,500 signatures - one for every pound Oxford city council wants to fine homeless people?

As an Oxford resident for almost 20 years, who also supports Shelter and Crisis, this is an issue so close to my heart, and this is a really terrible thing for the council to have done. 

The council's response that this is about fire safety adds fuel to the fire - dehumanising homeless people to the level of walking fire hazards. 

The council must withdraw these threats of fines, and stop issuing them to homeless people now. 

A clear pattern is developing in the council's attitude towards homeless people - they must stop this now, and if enough of us make a noise about this disgrace, they'll have to act. So please sign now! 

"Homeless people putting their possessions in shop doorways in Oxford have been threatened with fines of up to £2,500.

Legal notices have been pinned on to bags belonging to rough sleepers, warning that they could be prosecuted by Oxford city council for being in breach of antisocial behaviour laws." - The Guardian, 26 July 2017

This comes in a city where funding is pulled from two important homeless shelters and the same city council is refusing to reopen Lucy Faithfull House

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