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Don’t take food out of the mouths of hungry children.

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Have you ever been so hungry you couldn’t concentrate on anything? Imagine being a 6-year-old trying to learn how to read with an empty stomach. I teach second grade in a rural community where most families struggle to make ends meet despite both parents working. These families rely on the free or reduced cost meals provided to their children at school. Unfortunately, some in Congress are trying to pass a law that would cut off these meals for many of our most vulnerable children.

The Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016 is misleading. A provision in the bill will make it harder for the poorest schools, schools like mine, to qualify for community eligibility. Community eligibility is an option for schools when there are so many disadvantaged students, all students qualify for free lunch. This saves resource strapped school districts from having to individually track each eligible student in the lunch line and prevents low income students from going hungry. If this bill becomes law, it would jeopardize approximately 3.4 million students in the 7,000 schools that have already implemented community eligibility. My school would be one of them, and I can’t stand by and let my students go hungry.

Please, do not allow Congress to take food away from hungry children.

Often, children come to my class hungry and cannot wait to go to breakfast. They’re restless and tell me they have had very little or nothing to eat the night before. I personally pay for peanut butter crackers and other snacks to pass out mid-morning to keep my students going. Without free meals, I am not sure what these children are going to do.  

Join me in asking Congress to reject H.R. 5003, the Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016. Hungry children cannot learn. We should be feeding and empowering our youth, not leaving them hungry.

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