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Don’t Take Away Our Right To Resell Tickets! Oppose Rhode Island Restricted Ticketing Bills!

When tickets go on sale, loyal Rhode Island fans line up for the chance to see our favorite artists, sports teams, or events. We go online, pick up the phone or wait in line for hours to purchase tickets. But sometimes life gets in the way, and we can’t attend a highly anticipated show or the big game. If Ticketmaster and their allies have their way, we won’t be able to sell, donate, or even give away the tickets we bought and own.

Rhode Island General Assembly bills H-7543 and S-2658 are an attempt by ticket giants like Ticketmaster and the venues they do business with to further monopolize ticket sales by eliminating your rights to use, donate or resell tickets however you choose. That’s not right!

No other industry operates this way in Rhode Island, because these restrictions violate some of our most fundamental consumer and property rights.

It’s time to protect our rights as fans – write to your Rhode Island legislators and tell them to stand with fans, not ticket industry monopolies, and oppose H-7543 and S-2658!

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