Don't stand in the way of my son's health

Currently Federal and State marijuana laws are a big, controversial issue that contradict each other; making our current legal system a circus. Most of these laws in states that have not passed a law have out of date laws and need to be changed. The reason for this is because of misinformation in the early 20th century so that corporations and certain individuals could benefit in profits. There is no deadly effect from marijuana and most things that were said until recently have been a flat out lie to purposefully misinform us and prevent us from making educated decisions. To this day, there is no evidence that cannabis alone causes any type of cancer or disease. In fact, there are numerous studies that suggest the opposite.

If you recall, in 2008 Obama said the states need to take action before the legalization of cannabis can take place on a Federal Level. This year we could convince him to do it before he leaves office if at least half of the states legalize medicinal use. Currently there are 24 states that have legalized medical use and there are several on the ballot this year that could make it more than half the states. New Jersey Governor John Corzine did something similar before he left office and legalized medicinal use on his last day. Let's ask Obama to at least do the same.

Please sign the petition at the bottom of this page that asks Obama to sign an executive order to federally legalize the medicinal use of marijuana before he is out of office.

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Hatchet Bagz, Philadelphia, PA, United States
5 years ago
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