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The Tennessee "Don't Say Gay Bill" is designed to force teachers and other staff members to out their students to their parents. This can happen one of two ways. First the student can openly come out to the teacher or any other staff memeber in way shape or form. The other way this can happen is if a school teacher or any other personel see a student and they suspect them of having homosexual urges, the staff member must by this law out the child to their parent. The next part of this bill is to ban the teachings of homosexuality in grades K though K-8. By banning the teachings of homosexuality, they are also banning the teachings of safe sex for homosexuals.If this bill passes every LBGT child in Tennesse is in danger. They say this bill was put in place to "protect children" however it will only cause harm. More teenagers will become addicted to drugs and will committ suicide. Kids will stop trusting adults.

Letter to
Don't Say Gay Bill in Tennessee
For Congress to please not pass the bill through the House or Senate and to realize it is unconstitutional to pass any such bill.