Don't quit your studies to become a model, you can do both because #IamMYstory

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The Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi (Calzedonia S.p.a) has just launched a new social advertising campaign which invites girls to send to the company their photo in order to get the chance to become the new "face of Intimissimi", a lingerie brand.

In order to do so, Shlomit Malka, a model who had never studied Physics, has shared her story. She, in fact, asserts that she wanted to be a researcher, that’s why she studied Physics. However the company saw her photo on FB and she became a model - “the face of Intimissimi”. Therefore she stopped studying to become a researcher in Physics.
This advertising is inviting future potential models/girls to send their photo to the company to get the chance to be the new face of Intimissimi.

This exotic model is indirectly encouraging young women to focus more on their beauty than on their skills. Once again this adv does not empower women and/or girls. We argue that there is not need to stop your studies to become a model. You can do both.
Girls, Women can do everything. It is time to stop this sexist advertisements. We want strong female role models on our Italian TV. Women who can be both models and Researchers in Physics.

One of the comments on FB was:

"I cannot understand why I shouldn't choose both. I study Nuclear Physics and I love the subject of my study but I also love my body. Someone offered me to pose like a model but that did not stop me from pursuing an academic career. Annalisa (an Italian singer), for example, graduated in Physics but she also sings. This adv has just one meaning: Women, your studies are useless, look after your body, not your mind. This is what I have perceived from the adv.”

We are tired to be used just as decorations and desirable sexual objects. This gender discrimination has to stop.
We ask to ban this sexist advertising as, once again, promotes sexist stereotypes. You can’t be what you can’t see. Please support and share our petition; spread the hashtag #IamMYstory on your social networks.

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