Don't make life of our animals drastic, CUT THE PLASTIC.

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I know you just can't stop using plastic all at once. Nobody can. We are surrounded by it so much or rather we are laminating the planet a layer over another, maybe, every single year. But you can definitely cut single-use plastic from your lives or at least recycle them as much as possible and as many times as you can.

I've heard people saying "Oh, I love animals!" Then why would you harm them? If we continue dumping plastic in the sea at the present rate, measured by weight, there will be more plastic than fish by 2050. All the plastic that we use ends up in landfills and the most of it gets into the water bodies, majorly into the oceans. 

Trust me, what happens next is terrifying. We get pups in every year who've been affected by ocean litter; getting entangled in it and suffering from life threatening injuries. Microplastics are being found in the guts of marine animals and even birds. These animals unknowingly ingest significant amounts of small plastic pellets which contributes to their mortality. The last story that I read was the most heartbreaking! On the 27th May 2019 volunteers from some Wildlife Trust were called out to a grey seal that had died as a result of severe entanglement in 35kg of material. Believe me, the pictures that I've gone through are more distressing than the stories. 

There's still a collective denial about the impact of plastic on the ocean. Many of those impacts are still unknown and will reveal themselves in the coming years with shocking implications for the human race. We must act now, or face the consequences. If you still don't rise up for the cause, remember, this plastic has already entered the human food chain. Do it for yourself, for your children and for those who have no idea why their own natural habitat has turned into an abyss for them.