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Keep This Father in the U.K

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Hello my name is Jason Nish 

I am 28 years old and currently live in  Carlisle , Cumbria uk . I am south african born citizen. I have lived in the UK for the past ten years to which I have settled with a family and friends and now I am being told that I am being deported!!!!! 

This is my story!

I arrived in this country in 2004 on a anchestry  limited leave to remain  visa which at the time I had to hold for 4 years. After the 4 years I was entitled to apply for an indefinite leave to remain visa but due to law changes i was given a further 5 years on my old visa! In December 2013 I applied for my indefinite leave to remain which has been refused on grounds I had incorrectly filled a section  out on the form! This section  is under " is my home country a country of majority speaking english" to which I ticked yes! Unbeknown to me the u.k government do not class South Africa as a majority english speaking country and in so was meant to take a english speaking test to prove i have knowledge of the english language which i never ,   so refused me a visa and also given me a notice of deportation! I was not given the chance to make things right or even to reapply. Even now it is so easily to get he requirement they want in a form of taking a 10 min test!!!  but the home office are holding on to my documents! It feels like I am being punished for making what now seems a simple human error! I have also studied in english speaking schools since i was able to go to school and my fisrt language is ENGLISH !!!! 

In 10 years I had settled met my partner and had two beautiful children who are 2 and 1 years old who are all British citizens. My mother and grandfather are all British and father and sister are  permanent residenst of the UK. I have worked full time from day one, payed my taxes, never claimed benefits or have any conviction  to my name! Everything I know is British and even have a British accent!!!!!!  I am great father and soon to be husband and love my family.

I am currently about to appeal this decision this with my  solicitors but are also saying that I would maybe have to leave and start the process all over again and loose 9 years,  which could take 6 months in a country I have not been for over 15 years. I have no family there so would be left on my own in a country which has one of the highest crime rates in the world! Not to mention leave my family to provide for themselves. I have a right to be here with my kids and they have a right to have a father!!


I HAVE WROTE THIS PETION MYSELF - Beacuse i feel i was not given the chance to make things right and even with the appeal  process i need this english test to have a real case with it at the moment but it  is impossible to obtain as i need a passport to take it which the UK  goverment have!

I am just supposed to leave my family with 28days notice?



Jason Nish


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