Save Toronto's CLRV streetcars!

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The CLRV streetcars are an iconic part of the city of Toronto, preserving this part of our heritage is important. Preservation of at least 12 CLRV streetcars will ensure Toronto stays on list of city’s with a rich history of rail transportation. Like San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis and Philadelphia to name a few.
People from around the world travel to Toronto, to see the many historic and iconic parts that make this city what it is. Including the uniquely Toronto CLRV streetcar.
The loss of tourism and advertising dollars from eliminating these highly visible and instantly recognizable streetcars is a loss that can not be easily quantified but is tangible and will most definitely be felt. Many people have expressed as much and believe that Toronto should keep at least a few of these vehicles. They are a Toronto staple that should not be discarded.

If too you want to see this part of Toronto's history preserved, and for these heritage vehicles to continue operating regularly on the streets of Toronto, please sign this petition to the the Mayor and the Toronto Transit Commission Board of Directors.
The TTC should preserve at least 12 of the Canadian Light Rail Vehicles for regular use. Toronto's identity just won't be the same without the CLRV.