Don't let the Federal Government take over the Wasatch Front Canyons

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The State of Utah, not congress should manage the Wasatch Mountains.  Say NO to Congressional Bill H.R.5718 115th Congress (2017-2018): PRO Act which transfers Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons to the control of the Federal Government. We need to fight to keep the Wasatch Mountains 100% Utah!  The land belongs to the people of Utah and is our heritage for future generations.  The Bill does not address the transportation issue in the canyons or where the money would be coming from to improve transportation. Losing local control will effect public use of sections of land! The bill restricts some public use of White Pine and Silver Fork area which will be off limits.  Also, if Utah loses control of our Wasatch Mountains the Federal Government can manage and do whatever they want with this valuable land.

County Mayor Ben McAdam's and Rep Mia Love are going to transfer control of the Wasatch Mountains to congress in 45 days unless we contact them and let them know we don't want this Bill H.R.5718.  Also sign the petition and forward it on.  Let your voice be heard!

Say N0 to Congress

Say NO to Mayor McAdam's     385-486-7007

Say NO to Mia Love                   801-996-8729