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Don't let racial Shirades, bipartisanship veering, steer us off

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The life is indivisible, only the divided can be conquered. Racism, classism, religious intolerance and bigotry, sexism, ageism, sexualityism, patriarchalism, imperialism, chauvinism, hierarchalism, societal and social positioning, amount of education, xenophobia, discrimination against handicapped, disabled, etc., have always been 'used' as fronts behind which economic issues are struggled, haggled, thugged over. During King George and his Dick Cheney's reign on the American way of life, nearing the end of which they had dictated the gutting of the economy (and almost the ruin of the global economy), and were feeding on its dying corpse, predominantly by dictating an extreme tax cut for the rich, which, during 2 wars is tantamount to economic treason, they 'used' 'terror' as one of their main wedge issues, so, there was announcements of "Middle Eastern chatter", etc., that would necessitate a raising of the national security alert from bisque to fuchsia, for example, and determine prearranged actions on every citizens parts, exponential increase in security responders and their stealing of USA citizenry’s tax dollars, and abuse of those 'rules' to abuse those targeted, we all knew were fake; 'used' by the republicans to determine a scaremongering of the polity before elections- so, they'd tend to vote more conservative and republican. Now that the Whitehouse has become the Blackhouse, the republicans can't do that as easily, so, they're using racism, religious bigotry, etc., to do the same, don't fall for it, get the vote out. As well, advocate for a green jobs movement that would solve all of societies problems, now and in the future, it’s the economy and jobs that are making voters uneasy now, predominantly. In approximately 2006, when the Dow hit its all-time high of 16,000, I told everyone that it was really 10,000, and economic balloons, like real estate, Wall Street, etc., were floating the economy, along with extreme sale of the usa by republicans, as well as loans to it by its allies and supposed enemies; and it was just a matter of republican timing ( they attempt to set the economy up to be failing right after they get out of the Whitehouse, as part of their scorched earth politics, slash and burn style, where social, cultural, religious issues, wedge issues, are 'used', like swords, with divide and conquer as their goal; dictating the feasibility of economic and political apartheid- where republicans, only 20 % of the population, rule the 'other' 80 %, for the oligarchy ), before their gutted it and feed on its dying corpse; in order to dictate democrats losses in Midterm elections, and the re-ascendency to the throne for the republicans in 2016. Yes Barack improvised and thwarted much of that, yet, Sharads of many kinds, have reasserted the morphing of anti-republican incumbency with economic woes, and partisanship of any and all kinds to manufacture a mood in the polity of anti-incumbency, in general, which the tea partiers are hoping will realize an extreme right realignment of the ‘political paradigm', as the duopoly wants to project it should be- because the democrats are mostly the incumbents, duh. They've got me between Iraq and a hard place ( Afghanistan ), economically, like every other non-republican middle-class to poor citizen, in short. For the tea partiers and republicans are still 'using' divide and conquer, although, because it's becoming less effective they're introducing new angles, and spins on it, to instill fear in the polity, decrease the evolutionary advocacy and activism, and try to permanently replace humanity with exigency, etc.; American dreamism = extremism = extinction of humanity and large mammals- addictions to enumerable more variations on destruction and murder will not change the fact that there's no profit and/or pleasure from destruction and murder. If you believe the bipartisanship's sham that the rich didn't organize the economies' gutting by the republicans, you'll believe anything. To read, listen, view shouldn't be to believe, anyone with enough discernment in logic, rationality, reason, deductive thinking, psychology, human nature, et al, can read betwixt the words, "in between the lines", as they say, discerning the highest probability of truth possible from it and life; at that time- like the light of truth being refracted through a medium, a media, if you'll allow, when one sees its angle of refraction after, and knows the media, they can, at least, determine the direction of the "light", if not the truth itself. Demand real news on your news programs, not engineered stories that take up 100's of hours of the fixed news and media; stopping the most important stories from getting appropriate coverage, etc.- get the fix out.

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