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Don’t let Nicole Perko die waiting for surgery

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Recently on the television program 'A Current Affair' (see the story here) viewers learnt of a young mother whose life is being held in the hands of the NSW Government, who refuse to fund more than 6 lifesaving surgeries for stomach cancer (peritonectomy) a month at St George Hospital,  skillfully performed by Professor Morris. Professor Morris informed viewers that he believes 4 patients have waited so long that their cancers are now inoperable -- and will likely die as a result of excessive waiting times. 

Nicole Perko - the woman featured in this story - desperately needs the surgery. Every minute that passes without it being performed increases the risk of detrimental effects on Nicole's health. This is unacceptable, and an appalling disregard for life by the NSW Government. Nicole Perko will not become another statistic.

Minister, the people who have signed this petiton ask that you instruct your staff to do the following:

1) Instruct administrators at St George Hospital to allow a lifesaving peritonectomy to be performed on Nicole Perko, as well as any other patient who desperately requires the surgery. 

2) Review funding so that all patients in NSW who need this surgery are well catered for. A St George hospital administrator stated that only 6 surgeries are performed each month - and that this shall not change. This fact is completely unacceptable - how can a number be put on how many people can have their lives changed? 

3) Launch an investigation into the 4 patients that Prof Morris says will now die due to excessive wait times for this surgery. 


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