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Don't Let Millions of Children Fall Behind: Support Early Childhood Special Needs Intervention


Every year, our nation fails to identify more than one million children under the age of five with a disability or at risk of a developmental delay. And according to a new Easter Seals 50-state report, we aren’t doing enough to keep children from falling through the cracks.

Kids who start school behind their peers may never catch up. We can give every child an equal opportunity to learn and grow, but we need to get kids the help they need in the critical years before they turn five.

If you believe all kids deserve a chance to learn, build lifelong skills, and live up to their full potential, your elected officials need to hear from you today!

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Every year, we as a nation fail to identify more than one million children, all under the age of five, who have a disability or are at risk for developmental delay. How many more need to fall behind before we act?

Programs that diagnose and treat children with special needs before the age of five can make sure kids start school on par with their peers, and have an equal chance to achieve their dreams. But the programs that diagnose and treat children who have disabilities or who are at risk for developmental delays as early as possible are chronically underfunded on the state and federal level.

In fact, according to a recent Easter Seals report, young children are falling through the cracks in every state. One way to turn the tide is to increase state and federal funding for the Early Intervention Program, Part C, of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

One child falling behind is a tragedy. One million represents a national crisis. Please increase funding for early intervention services so that every child can get a good start in life.

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