Don't let EQUIFAX escape liability!

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Everyone has heard about the egregious breach of security at Equifax wherein roughly half the US population had elements of their credit bureau data stolen. Similarly, the FTC recently promoted their $500+ million dollar settlement with Equifax as a huge benefit to the public, touting that each affected consumer could receive up to $125. Factually, this settlement is so riddled with holes that consumers applying for "their share" will never see a penny, let alone $125.

With only $31 million actually allocated to fund this portion of the settlement, less than ONE PERCENT (roughly 248 thousand out of over 148 million) could receive this money. So many consumers applied within the first week that the FTC is now pleading with the American Public to chose worthless credit monitoring (from Equifax - the same company who leaked our data!) instead of cash because at this rate, there won't be enough money in the fund to mail a check for ONE PENNY to as few as HALF the affected consumers.


The FTC should be embarrassed to even suggest that such an offer is acceptable. But they've publicly admitted they are more concerned about keeping Equifax 'alive' than protecting the American Public or for that matter, sending a strong message to ALL companies who process our data (often without our knowledge or permission) that maintaining the sanctity of that data is of paramount importance.

Equifax was repeatedly warned before the leak that they needed to update their security but consistently chose not to do so in order to increase bonuses to their top executives. Once again, corporate greed at the highest levels is a higher priority than protecting the very consumers whose data makes the existence of these companies possible.

It's time WE send a clear and powerful message - to Equifax, the FTC and Washington in general: DO YOUR JOB. PROTECT US and not corporate executives. We bailed out other companies who were 'too big to fail', and look what it got us. Let's not allow this mistake again.

Force Equifax to pay for their greed, even if it drives them into dissolution. Only THAT will send the necessary message to all. Unlike Facebook who faced a $5 BILLION fine for disclosing our personal non-financial information, we have no capability to opt out of or stop Equifax from collecting, sharing (and abusing) our private financial data (social security, credit, address, license, etc...)

This petition will be sent not only to FTC officials and the White House, but to the Federal Judge in charge of the case - the ONE PERSON who can quickly and easily deny this settlement and force them to create a more equitable deal that best serves justice in this situation. Ensure the Judge views this issue in the light of its true scope - affecting half the entire US population - and not just the convenience of a few lawyers and overpaid executives!