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Don’t Let Corporations Buy Congressional Elections

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With the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to out-of-control corporate spending in our elections.  

This devastating ruling gives the go-ahead to corporations to unleash their massive coffers on the political system to further their own special-interest agendas. These wealthy industries will invest in pay-to-play politics and see a big return on their investment at the voters' expense. 

The best and most comprehensive way to change the rules of the game in Washington is the Fair Elections Now Act. By allowing candidates to depend entirely on small dollar contributions and limited public funds, it puts voters - not corporations - in control.  

This proposed reform, now before Congress, is based on the successful public financing systems in Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine and would fundamentally change how Washington works.  

We cannot stand by as corporations threaten to dictate our democratic process. In our democracy, the power of voters, not corporations should decide elections.  

We strongly urge you to sign the petition asking your congressional representative to support the Fair Elections Now Act today! 



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