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Don't Let Corporate Money Control California Elections

This November, Super PACS, big corporate interests, and billionaire businessmen are trying to rewrite the rules to give themselves even more influence in government. Their plan: write a misleading initiative, Proposition 32, cynically called the “Stop Special Interest Money Now”, which falsely claims to take special interest money out of politics.  

But this initiative isn’t at all what it seems.   

Full of special exemptions for billionaire businessmen and secretive Super PACS, Proposition 32 would give them even more control over the political system. And it singles out and limits the voices of local heroes – the teachers, nurses, and firefighters who make our communities strong. If we don’t defeat this measure at the ballot box, billionaires, hedge fund managers and Super PACs will gain even more power to write their own set of rules.  

This initiative won’t solve Sacramento’s problems – it will just tighten big corporations’ stranglehold on our government. We need your help - vote No on Proposition 32. Sign our petition today!

It was intentionally written to create special exemptions for billionaire businessmen, giving them even more political power to write their own rules.

It doesn't solve Sacramento's problems, because it was intentionally written to provide special exemptions to secretive Super PACs, hedge funds, insurance companies and corporations that can still create front groups and make unlimited campaign expenditures. And it does nothing to stop anonymous donors from influencing elections.

I stand up against the Proposition 32, Special Exemptions Act.

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