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Judge Daniel Guerrero is appointed by the City Council of San Antonio. He, along with others in this city, have been making decisions and determinations DISREGARDING laws. Most recently, Judge Guerrero ordered a dalmatian (neutered, up to date on shots, raised with a chocolate lab since puppies) killed because he bit the next door neighbor. Kathy Davis, Animal Care Services Director, consistently emails people about this claiming the Judge did the right thing and this young girl (the girl is almost 18) was severely bitten, and that the owners should have done a better job training the dog. The facts are such: Owner has dogs in the backyard with a 6' privacy wooden fence all the way around. Seventeen (17) year old neighbor climbs on a chair and leans over the fence to look for her cat. Dalmatian, Bruno, jumps up protecting his property and bites this girl. The fact is, this girl was trespassing. The Judge and Kathy Davis (who is not an attorney) claim that the only way it could be trespassing is if the girl's entire body was in her neighbor's yard. This is UNTRUE and NOT THE LAW! If this Judge had read Section 822 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, looked at case law, and took basic property law, he would have realized she did, in fact, trespass. Instead, he ordered this dog killed. The family is devastated, and the important thing is, this is NOT the first time this Judge made a ruling like this. The last time, Marley the yellow lab, was deemed dangerous by this Judge. After appealing, the appellate court reversed Judge Guerrero's ruling. Unfortunately, this Judge gets away with too much. He is designated the Animal Court Judge, but he knows NOTHING about animal law whatsoever. This is a simple case where a dog was protecting its property. If not in Texas, then where?! The City Council needs to fire this judge, for Bruno and for all of the other dogs he ordered to kill and who he will order to kill illegally. Make San Antonio be the city it claims--progressive. Once the rest of the state realizes how much of a "good ole boys club" San Antonio is, maybe San Antonio will become the great city it claims--and even may host the Olympic Trials. For now, things need to change though. 

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Mayor of San Antonio Mayor Castro
Texas State Senate
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District 10 Carlton Soules
District 9 Elisa Chan
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Director of Animal Care Services Kathy Davis
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District 2 Ivy Taylor
Texas Governor
Fire Judge Daniel Guerrero from San Antonio's Municipal Court. This Judge continues to make decisions disregarding the laws. Recently, Buddy was sentenced to death after a little girl screamed in his face and his law scratched her. Buddy is a golden retriever and has never had any issues with anyone. Buddy is currently being held at ACS, and has been at the owner's cost for two months. His fate is in the City's hands, and they can easily swallow their pride knowing they did the wrong thing. Judge Guerrero continues to rule erroneously in animal cases, not following the law. Previously, He ordered a Dalmatian be killed, disregarding the trespassing defense. This dog was in his own property protecting it. If not in Texas, then where?! You claim San Antonio is progressive, then show it. Get rid of this good ole boys club and fire this Judge. You are able to do that. This is the second time the media picked up on this Judge not following the law. Last time, the higher court reversed his ruling. This time, the dog was killed by Animal Care Services even after the City Manager and City Attorney and Director of ACS knew the owner was represented by counsel. Please show this Judge he is not above the law, and educate the Director of Animal Care Services about the law.