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Don't let Bosnia euthanize animals after 15 days spent in the city shelters


With the Law for the protection and welfare of animals that was implemented in 2009, killing of stray animals was prohibited. Now, Bosnian government is considering changing the law by allowing the killing of stray animals in the city shelter after 15 days have passed.

Letter to
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Parlament Chairman Fehim Skajlic
MP Nermina Zaimović - Uzunović
Animal Welfare and Protection Act in BiH was passed in February 2009. The law, in Article 4 banned the killing of animals, and fully ordered the system solving the problem of abandoned animals (stray dogs). Due to the lack of interest of government, but also inefficient operation thereof, the law is never implemented, and as a result Bosnia and Herzegovina has its street full of stray dogs.
In the meantime, the only ones who sheltered dogs from the streets, vaccinated tehm, castrated, microchipped, founded „private“ shelters were simple citizens, "the animal rescuers" spending money from their own pocket. In fact, they did your job!

If you did not know, the mass sterilization of dogs in the Sarajevo Canton is being realised right now, implemented by the non-governmental sector, rather than you whose obligation it is.

Due to the above, we request that for the first time in your career do something in accordance with the Law, and that is, after four years of its existence, begin to implement, not to change it. You owe it to your citizens, who did your job for free.
We oppose the amendments to the Act!

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