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Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body - allow me to die peacefully

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I have Motor Neurone Disease, and it’s terminal. I can’t speak, am left gasping for breath, and have lost control of my hands.

It won’t be long before I will end up in a wheelchair. I will be trapped inside my body with my same intellect, but unable to communicate, unable to feed myself, clean myself, or even move. Within the next 12 months I face the prospect of suffering a horrible death, and this is the thing I fear more than anything else.

You see, this disease always wins. It just keeps taking things from me until I eventually choke and or suffocate over a long drawn out and painful end.

Unless you help me change the law, and grant me the right to choose to die peacefully at the end stage of this bastard disease. Don’t worry, I plan on milking every drop of life out of my existence, but I want the right to choose my ending.

If I can deny this disease its last victory, it will be a fine day.

The NSW Parliament will be voting on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 later this year. If it passes, it will allow terminally ill people like me, with only months to live, the option of an assisted death. If I qualify under strict guidelines and safeguards, I could be prescribed life-ending medication and I would be in control of my death.

Nobody should have the right to tell me when I can and can’t die. I just want this compassionate choice. Please watch my video and sign my petition.

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