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Please allow Overkill developers to finish season 2 of Overkill's The Walking Dead at least.

You might not agree with the quality standard of the game and that is fine. We somehow understood that the game wasn’t generally liked. But that doesn’t mean that nobody who bought it could only express disapointment.

We are gamer who spent money in something we believed in. YOU don’t believe in it anymore which is absolutely your right. But we really really wish you would not put such a hard break on the game and at least let it reach it’s promised conclusion; we didn’t expect a third season, but at least the game has certain mechanics and technical flaws that are now incomplete and unfixed indefinitely. Payday 2 had a poor start during its launch, but at its peak Overkill constantly improved the game with new content and features, and made it into something we all enjoy today.

As huge fans of this game, we wonder if you would at least let them finish and fix the game we have, and the content that was promised.

Thank you