Don't kill Inbox by Gmail

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Inbox by Gmail, an "experiment" that was launched four years ago, may not be the most popular email solution out there - but only among the masses. Power users and Google enthusiasts still love Inbox by Gmail and use it everyday, because it's superior to Gmail in several ways:

  • A much better mobile app with a much cleaner UI.
  • Still more features than the traditional Gmail app, including pinning and sweeping emails.
  • Possibility of achieving "inbox zero".

Managing two email services at this point may seem redundant from a business perspective, so killing Inbox may make sense because it only makes a few users unhappy.

But those "few" users are the loyalists, the passionates, the ones who want something more than just plain old Gmail. You're giving us something amazing and then snatching it away once we start to love it. This article better explains our thoughts on the matter.

As a small community of Inbox enthusiasts, we hope the decision is rethought and Inbox is maintained as it is for many years to come.