Don’t ignore the violence. Let’s stop it together.

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I’m 13. My mom has been tolerating my dad’s abusive behaviour for as long as I can remember and I had been doing the same. I cannot take it anymore. Let me openly tell you all why. My dad came home while I was sleeping. He rung the bell several times but I was asleep. This is what got him angry. He probably must have taken the spare key from my friend’s house in the end. I woke up because he pulled me out of the bed. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged out of the house. He was shouting as if he had gone mad, and told me he was going to take me to the ground floor and beat me in front of everyone. This wasn’t the first time he used this theat. I cannot explain how helpless and shocked I felt. I felt like an object he could throw around at his will. He is much stronger than me and the way he held my hand was too painful to try to loosen it. I was still in my pyjamas and he took me into the lift. There was an old family there. I thought he would stop it there but he took me the ground floor and continued beating and shouting at me, calling me shameless in front of all my friends and their parents, which I found way worse than everything else. Honestly, he made it seem like i’d done something really shameful if you understand what I mean and i felt devastatedly helpless. He then took me back to the house, where he didn’t allow me to call my mom or anyone. In his words, “dare you trouble anyone by telling this to them. Just go back and shut up (in Hindi)”. I’m writing this through my iPad, he allowed me to have it as it doesn’t have any SIM card. Looking at the positive side of things, I’m glad this incident took place because it gave the spark I required to stop tolerating and start fighting.

Please sign this petition. I need help. Why? Because I want to prove to my mom that it is okay to divorce. There is power in numbers. I want to tell her that it may be a bit hard in the beginning but it will be worth it. I want to tell her people support us. I really hope this gets attention, not just for my mom and me, but for every mom who copes up with such undeserving husbands. Believe me this is a lot more common, all my friends say their dads beat their moms. I didn’t even mention other things like my dad’s extra-marital affairs or how he doesn’t help in any household work even though my mom is a working woman. It’s 2017 and women can easily divorce and live alone, let’s prove it. Thank you for reading this.

…[This isn’t something personal. It’s a worldwide problem. We need to learn to talk openly about the violence in our homes]

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