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Don’t Get Robbed — Protect Your Vote!


We, the people” are the first words in the U.S. Constitution for a reason: it’s our government!

But corporations, unleashed by the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on politics to buy even more control over our government. Super PACs are on a spending spree too – slinging mud and hiding the identity of their fat cat donors so we can’t even be sure who is trying to influence election outcomes.

And with Election Day around the corner, partisan operatives are working furiously to rob us of our most fundamental right as citizens: our right to vote. The thieves’ tactics include restrictive new laws making it more difficult to vote, illegal purges of voting rolls and intimidating voters at polling places nationwide.

Don’t let them get away with it! Sign the petition below to stand with Common Cause for free, fair and accessible voting for “we, the people.”

Accordingly, I wholeheartedly support and endorse Common Cause initiatives to protect democracy for “we, the people” …

• Reversing the Citizens United ruling and restoring sensible limits on political spending.

• Requiring full disclosure of Super PACs and other political spending.

• Spotlighting and stopping all attempts to suppress voter participation.

Like Americans across the political spectrum, I want fair elections with accurate results that reflect the choices of all eligible voters. And I want candidates at every level to know that I will be voting in this election … no matter who tries to stop me!


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