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Prevent Sega from removing Amy Rose despite Anti Petition

Amy Rose, (besides Tails) has been around longer that any character in the Sonic series and does her part in the games. e.g Sonic Adventure 2. She's only 12 years old people and Sonic is 15; 3 years apart! If it were pedo, they would have to be 5+ years apart. Amy only talks about marriage (again from Sonic Adventure 2) to toy with Sonic's feelings since she has the access to his release, but in the Japanese version, she was only asking him for a date; proving her proposals were only little jokes.

Another thing about this Anti Amy petition is her occasional pantie shots(as seen in the image above the AntiAmy petition...-_-) OK, the pantie shots were a bit of a shocker but keep in mind that she's wearing a dress and the skirt is short but that doesn't make her know...If people can grip about underwear shots, they can grip about Rouge, who has a huge chest and Sally Acorn, who never wore anything but a vest and boots until she was unrobotizied and now wearing clothes. Only a complete dirty minded perv would mention Amy's underwear!

Plus I also heard that she's a bad influence to children because she has a hammer! I mean WTH?! If you ever played Shadow the Hedgehog, Sega got away with letting guns be used in a kids game and they're gripping about a 12 year old hedgehog using a hammer?! That's just dumb!

Finally the main reason for her removal is the Amy and Sonamy fans. *facepalm* Seriously, not all fans are aggressive. You would do the same for your fave character and people got a right to love whatever they like and Sonamy...I myself am a supporter of this pairing and not because it's popular, it's because I see it as a possibility that Sonic does have a soft spot for her and Sega itself said (quote) "Does not disprove Sonamy" (unquote) Anyway, I hope I gave everyone who read and sign this petition a new perspective look on Amy.

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Sega of Japan Sega
Amy Rose is an important part of the Sonic The Hedgehog games plus I also the the Anti Amy petition and the reasons why she should be removed are very petty and a waste of breath. If Amy leaves, you'll probably lose loads of money because most of the fan base will stop playing every Sonic game you release; no matter how cool it seems. Please, just don't let Amy Rose go, who will be the hero's love interest?