Don't Deport the Mother of My Children. #nomummydontgo

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My wife Destiny has been refused a visa to remain in the United Kingdom.  She must appeal or leave, separating her from our children - one at school, the other still breastfeeding. Both our children are British nationals.

Our son is aged 8 months and our daughter is three years (at pre-school and accepted for Primary school reception in September).  

  • The Home Office accept we have a genuine and subsisting relationship (lasting 8 years).
  • We take nothing from the state and do not owe the state or anyone else anything.
  • Our two children were born here in Bristol.  Despite being a British Dad, I paid the NHS £13,000 for their births.We own our own home.
  • We are part of the community in Bristol and in Nailsea.
  • My wife entered as a visitor, on a two year visa, and due to uncertain circumstances and for the children's sake I asked her to stay. This leads to a request for a discretionary decision.

When they rejected our application the Home Office said the children can remain with me and their mother can return to her home country or she can take them with her. Either way they are forcing us to split up our family.

My wife has been the primary carer of our children since birth. She dotes on them. They sleep with her. She would be heartbroken if she was taken from them, and they would be too.

The Home Office would be robbing our beautiful children of the opportunity to grow up with the love and support of their mother. They don’t deserve that.

In what way is my wife's presence detrimental to our country?

Why is children's welfare not of paramount importance?

This started as a petition about my wife, but I'm also worried about other families like us. I'm worried about other children.

We are not the only family who are going through the prospect of separation. Across the country there are mums and dads that have faced being removed to another country, away from the rest of their family. We can’t let the Home Office get away with this. Family’s belong together.

Please sign this petition calling on the Home Office to let my wife stay in the country, and ensure other families in our position get to stay together.  And get in touch if you are affected. I will not rest until this is addressed.

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Please help me stop this!