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Petitioning Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

Don’t deport Safar Ali Fahimi to Afghanistan. Don't deport refugees to danger.


SafarAli Fahimi is one of the first asylum seekers to face deportation from Australia following a High Court decision in October. The court ruled that over 200 asylum seekers at risk of deportation can't have their final appeals to the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, reviewed.


At least 12 asylum seekers were killed after being returned to Afghanistan under the previous Howard government, and many others imprisoned or tortured.


Sign the petition to tell Immigration Minister Chris Bowen not to deport Safar to danger in Afghanistan.

Letter to
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen
My name is Safar Ali Fahimi. I am a Hazara asylum seeker from Jaghori district in Ghazni province in Afghanistan. There have been frequent massacres of Hazara people in Ghazni.

I have a wife and three children. Since I was 10 years old, I worked in farming, construction and brickmaking before working as a smithy for an NGO.

I fled Afghanistan because I was on a Taliban death list.

I found out from my neighbour that I was on the death list when he was stopped at a Taliban roadblock and shown a photograph of me.

The Taliban were showing a photo of me to the driver of every car, saying that I was wanted because I was working for an NGO which was supported by foreigners.

Please sign this petition asking the Australian government not to deport me and many other Afghan asylum seekers to danger in Afganistan.

The Afghan government cannot provide safety for asylum seekers returned to any area of Afghanistan, including Kabul.

There are more than 200 asylum seekers facing deportation to danger in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iran. Our cases were never fairly assessed in the first place, otherwise we would have been recognised as refugees.