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Don't deport my fiance, Alexis Lopez. His family needs him!

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URGENT UPDATE: Alex's bond has been set - this is a huge step towards bringing him home - but we still need your help. The bond fee is $10,000 and we simply don't have the money right now. Is there any way you could chip in to help? Even $5 would mean so much to me and the boys - we miss him so much! Please donate and spread the word. You have been so amazing in your support of us and thank you in advance for any help you can give. 

Urgent update! A;exis's bond was lowered and now he is home with me and the boys. We still have to fight to keep our family together, and are so very grateful for all your support. Together we stand!

My name is Maria, and I am an American citizen. My fiance, Alexis Alarcon Lopez, (A# 098923681) is currently being held in the Elizabeth Contact Detention Center in New Jersey. He was wrongfully arrested, after we were pulled over. I believe that police stopped us because of Alexis' ethnicity and I fought the charges brought against us,which were dismissed. 

I am the Mother of two young boys, 13 and 4. My children and I have been through a lot. About two years ago I got the courage to leave an abusive marriage. My boys and I were so damaged from this, that it was hard to trust anyone. Until we met Alexis. From the moment i met him,i knew he was my soulmate,it was as if my heart had recongnized him.

We all fell in love with him - both me and my boys. He has taken away all the pain and sadness from the past, and has shown us unconditional love. My boys' father is not in their lives, but Alexis has stepped up and has taken on the role of Daddy to them. He has proven to be an amazing father and a loyal, loving husband to me.Alexis also has a U.S. citizen son who is 3.Everyday we say to eachother,i love you way past forever,and forever is what i mean. I am begging for help to try and stop his deportation back to Honduras. He has no chance at a decent life there. He fled Honduras after being robbed and beaten with a gun. He's afraid to go back and I'm afraid for him.  Our family needs him here. My little boy has learning disabilities, and Alexis has helped him overcome so many obstacles. I cant imagine our lives without him, for he has brightened up every aspect of them for us.

He always puts others first. Please join me and my family in the fight to stop Alexis' deportation, and bring him back to us. Everyone deserves the chance at a decent life, don't they? We are a family, and work hard as a team to make every opportunity available to our children. Alexis has no criminal record and meets the criteria for prosecutorial discretion under the new Department of Homeland Security guidelines. Please release him to the family that loves, misses and needs him.


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