Don't deny my daughter with Down Syndrome a holiday visa

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My beautiful daughter Ashleigh lives in the UK. Because she is a woman with Down Syndrome, Ashleigh is being denied a holiday visa to visit Australia to say goodbye to her grandfather. Can you help me get her to Australia?

This is not the first time Ashleigh has struggled to visit Australia because of her Down Syndrome. Over the years, Ashleigh has visited Australia a dozen times and although it has been tough to obtain Ashleigh a visa (we had to obtain the help of lawyers) it has always been granted. In 2011, a senior official resolved the situation and promised it would not happen again.

Now, Australian Immigration and Border Protection want me to put my beautiful daughter through a series of invasive medical tests and X-rays before they decide if she can enter Australia.

What this proves is unclear. Why is my daughter’s disability needing to be further examined? How does this impact her request for a brief holiday visa? According to a previous medical report on Ashleigh by Australia Immigration: "in my opinion, this applicant fails to meet the above regulation (4006A) for the following reason...the applicant is a person with Down Syndrome.”

This is shocking, cruel, and discriminatory. It breaks my heart to think that Ashleigh is being denied a visa to visit her grandfather, just because of her disability.

Ashleigh is a capable young lady that has lived away from home since she was 18. She has no terminal or infectious diseases that would inflict or infect harm on anyone. She is a well-travelled person that has never overstayed or ever been denied any of her visas. For the simple reason that she was born with Down Syndrome, she is being targeted.

Please, sign and share this petition and help me get Ashleigh a visa to visit us here in Australia, without unnecessary, invasive medical examinations. This is about the dignity of a beautiful young woman.

Thank you,

Darren (Ashleigh’s Dad)

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