To stop the website being taken down.

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Because many young people like the option to use as a way to escape from the outside world. Many of the users of are people who are socially awkward and struggle to connect with people offline. Taking the website down does not help in anyway stop internet trolls. New websites will be created or people will go to old websites like Formspring. is a great way to create friends too. gives the option to turn off the anoymous button or to deactivate your account if you do not like the things sent to you. If you're not mentally strong enough to just close the website and remove yourself from the circumstances you're just going to make things worse for yourself and you're going to feel worse. means a lot to the variety of users who join the site, it's another way to connect with someone like yourself who can be from another side of the world. is not truly a bad thing like parents are making out due to the negative side effects that it has caused, but surely every social networking nternet website has a dark side? Therefore I think closing it down would not make a difference in decreasing internet trolls, they would also move to other sites.

Overall there is a large majority of users on the website who would hate to see the website taken down.

I am deeply sorry for the loss of those affected by internet trolls, however don't blame the website, blame the users and yourself for not educating yourself or those around you about the negative effects of internet social networks.

Thank you.

-Izzi ( A member of the Community)

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