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Don't be silent. Easy to say but yet hard for us to do.  We all think this sad situation will never happen in my family, well it did.  My nephew lost his life by his mothers hands. Amanda Smith was ill and it was documented in the court papers. She made over 200 calls to police because she heard people in her attic. Still Judge K. Mark Loyd claims he was not aware of these incidents when he granted Amanda her overnight unsupervised visit that turned fatal for Jacob.

The goal of this petition is to bring this to everyones front door, because with the drug and mental illness issues that are facing many parents today we as the people of our government need to demand change.  We as the family members need to assert tough love and protect the children and stop turning our backs.

There is no easy solution, we can not stop people from having children when we know they really shouldn't. Take a stand with my family and DON'T BE SILENT any longer.  Make people take notice, fight to get your grandbaby, niece, nephew, son or daughter away from a dangerous situation. Make the right choice and protect our babies.

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Child abuse and negelect can be stopped
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Better information in courts with child custody cases, w/ mental illness..

Make our systems more accountable.

Children are the ones who usually sacrifice their lives when a parent is mentally unstable and there are other illegal drugs involved. Johnson County, Indiana's Judge Mark Loyd is a prime example of this, where Amanda Smith took the life of 3 year old Jacob Smith. All because she heard voices.


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