October 17, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Garry Lambright


Many Americans who have loss spouses through military operations are subject to unfair compensation practices, unfortunately so are a lot of first responders.   Current military guidelines stipulate that a spouse survivor is able to maintain compensation, which isn't much, as long as they remain unmarried until the age of 55.  Widows and Widowers are subject to Military guidelines that identify that under the at of 55 they would lose their entitlement to Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), more importantly they lose access to health benefits that morally should be due to them on the basis of losing a spouse in the line of service.  This potentially forces thousands of widows and widowers into a decision of forgoing future happiness over ongoing health concerns.  This change in guidelines, is a trade off.  Which in all honesty is still unfair, but to ascertain progress towards a more beneficial goal, we are looking to change guidelines in baby steps.

Petition for Change Outline:

Change this petition wishes to accomplish is listed as the following.

I.  Spouses who have lost their loved ones during combat operations receive Health Insurance through Tri-Care for life regardless of remarriage.

Why?  No one wants their spouse to die in operations, but it happens unfortunately.  Spouses put their lives on the line for the country daily and in operations where unordinary things may occur, there should be extraordinary outcomes for survivors.


TRICARE will keep covering family members when a sponsor dies. Spouses can keep their coverage until they remarry. Family member health plan options and costs will vary based on:

The sponsor's military status when they die, and
If the surviving family member is a spouse or child.

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  II.  Department of Defense terminates all monetary compensation due to surviving spouse in leu of continuing medical benefits with Tri-Care

Why?  I could be argued that once a spouse is remarried, the need for supplemental compensation is no longer needed.   With the exception of health it would be no different than that of alimony ceasing at the time of remarriage. 

III. Elimination of AGE Limits on ability to remarry in order to keep medical benefits outlined as part of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits 


Information in regards to the number of surviving spouses of military personnel is difficult to research based on missing data available, however, if it effects even one, it effects too many.


I met Sam in 2011.  Sam is a Widow, whom lost her husband in combat operations.  Consequently, Sam has sought ongoing treatment through TRI-CARE for Cancerous malformations in her breast tissue.  She must go back every three months currently to be re-examined after that material was removed.  We would like to be married, Sam is 28, full of life and deserves to be happy after her incredible loss.  As a Veteran myself, this was a loss of a brother, not just a husband, although I was never fortunate to have met him.  A fallen hero.  He would not want her to fall, he would want her to drive on with her life, live it for everyday in his absence.  We would like to be married, but at what cost to Sam's health?  She can not afford private medical as her condition is documented.  I am a disabled VET myself and can not pick her up as I am not 100% disabled or married to her.   Any time lapse in medical could significantly impact our lives and the lives of his surviving children in which she is the custodial care giver.   If she was able to keep the medical benefit, we would have already been married, but it seems we have to be happy with commitment ceremony or cohabitation without truly fulfilling any dreams we have for each other. 

Truth is, my story is probably one of many.  Maybe circumstances differ in various ways with others out there, however this constraint is extremely relevant to our changing demographic landscape due to loss of life of any soldier, now and in the future.   When a man or women enlists, there are many military mission statements that identify them, one such statement is  "Soldier for Life", unless they die, then they are just a Sponsor.  How can we continue to support what are soldiers due and what their families have to endure if we minimize even a soldier in this manner.  By taking him or her away from their family and them justly fighting for our country, how can we minimize them at the time of their passing instead of honoring the family of a fallen hero.   By doing so it continues to minimize the family as well.  The message it sends to all Americans is that you thank them for serving their country, we wish you a lifetime of being survivor without the benefit of becoming whole again.


Looking for 100.000 signers for this petition so that I can gain support in order to present it as relevance to Local and State Legislature in OK and TN, these are the states in which we preside.  Once I have local and state backing I will begin my campaign or provide support to a lobbyist who can enter our courageous change on the behalf of soldiers everywhere.   Change for DoD has to come from the top, so we must gain traction up the hill before change occurs and comes down through actions to make the change.  Please join me.   Copy the petition link, send it to families, survivors, military personnel.  It takes everyone to commit to a change for it to occur.   My petition drive will be known as the ALEC SMITH: DON'T BE A DIC, because this is exactly what he would say if he could.

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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
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