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Petitioning Don't add additional tax on firewood

Please sign this petition to keep the goverment from adding the special CO2 tax on firewood, wooden briquettes and wooden pellets.

Most of us are already paying a heavy price for our firewood, especially the premium brand such as Briketter Tilbud, Brænde and Træpiller briquettes. If the prices are raised with the 25% they are planning on adding, most people would just switch to the cheaper brands instead and most of these are of a much lower quality and filled with all sorts of filler materials, which can cause even more CO2 than the premium brands.

If we can get enough people to sign this petition, then it might serve as a wake up call to the goverment, and make them realise that rising the price won't cause less CO2 but instead just make us buyers more frustrated.

Wooden briquettes such as Træbriketter or Ico Briquettes are one of the most CO2 effective ways of heating your home. Like with most wood, burning them releases exactly the same amount of CO2 as if you had just let the wood decompose in the wood. As a bonus, these quality Briketter are mainly made of saw dust from the furniture industri, which means that it's a leftover product which would normally just be disposed somehow. This way you are actually use a waste product to heat your home without having people plant new trees or anything, in order to just bring some heat to your home. It's a product that would have been there anyway, and still affected the amount of CO2 released. So by using it to heat your home, you are using less energi from other sources, such as gas, oil or any other similar energi source and thereby helping to protect the enviroment.

Incease the tax for this types of product therefore won't help protect the enviroment, but could in the end actually end up hurting more than it helps. This is why you have to sign this petition and help protect the planet as much as you can and keep giving people access to firewood as a competitive source of energi for their homes.


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  • Don't add additional tax on firewood

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