Fund & Resume Campbelltown City Council NDN Low Cost De-sexing Program for Cats

Fund & Resume Campbelltown City Council NDN Low Cost De-sexing Program for Cats

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L Riordan started this petition to Campbelltown City Council and

In recent times Campbelltown City Council has opted to do the following: 

  1. Reduce intake of cats during COVID19 to the point where there were none available for adoption.  This resulting in animals in need being left on the street.  Some were literally being dumped by residents.  NB: Adoption rates did not increase due to COVID as the cats were simply not there to be adopted for the rates to increase.
  2. Funding has now been withdrawn from the Campbelltown City Council NDN Low Cost Desexing program which is part of the current year Council Operating Plan.

The Campbelltown City Council NDN Low Cost Desexing program has been such a massive win to Cats and residents alike in the Campbelltown community. For just a $20,000 investment over 18 months, it is estimated that 2,630 kittens have been prevented in the 1st year and up to 26,300 kittens in the 2nd year (should these kittens not found homes and responsible pet owners who desexed them).

It is such a difficult time for so many people at the moment in the community. Council have made adjustments in many areas to lighten the load on constituents, but this has had a flow on impact to income e.g. fees and fines have been eliminated, intake/adoption numbers have been less.  The net result for the Animal Care Facility is that income has been reduced.

Desexing is so critical to animal and human welfare in the community, the flow on benefits are substantial. Benefits include:

  • Reduced overpopulation
  • Reduced financial and mental health impacts to owners
  • Reduced wildlife impact 
  • Reduced dependency on already overburdened animal rescue organisations
  • Reduced numbers of companion animals needing to be impounded 
  • Reduced suffering of animals on the streets   
  • Reduced disease and health issues of animals

This program not being available will serve to place more pressure on residents who can now no longer afford to de-sex their cats ... and we all know where this leads.

I have seen and personally been involved in the saddest stories in the Campbelltown area where people have gone without eating just to continue to be able to feed their cats and strays. They sit in the dark to save on power bills so they can afford to give the most basic care. People that live surrounded in excrement as they cannot afford to buy kitty litter. In many instances some people don't have the money to pay standard desexing fees at the best of times, let alone during this time of crisis.  What happens when they suddenly have 5 more mouths to feed?

Companion animals are the most wonderful therapy during difficult times.  They should not be regarded as being less important than people. A very wise man once said that "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are  treated."  

Council still offer the CAWS desexing program but the capacity is very limited and only available at certain times of the year. It is simply not enough to address community needs and challenges which exist.

We do the best we can to help the cats in the Campbelltown Community but we just don't have the means to make up for the shortfall.

We and the Animal Care Facility are going to face the worst kitten season ever ... this doesn't just impact cats, it impacts the residents welfare and mental health in our community.  Guess where all the unwanted kittens are going to end up? If not at the Animal Care Facility many will end up dumped on the street.  

There are so many in need in the community at the moment.  We struggle to believe that removing funding from this program is the best choice/option that Campbelltown City Council had.  There are just too many flow on consequences.  All the good work Campbelltown City Council have done in recent years could be undone very quickly.

If you agree, please sign and support this petition.

Our Councillors represent the community of Campbelltown and are keen to hear from residents about any concerns they may have. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!