Give camp workers a vote on whether or not they want to move to Fort McMurray.

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Let our voices be heard. Sign this petition in order for us to pose the question to Mayor Don Scott, why aren’t the people in the work camps being given the chance to freely choose where they want to live.

This change in policy will uproot families that have settled into other cities and built a life for themselves there. Nobody is forcing anyone to live in these camps. Everyone in these camps are free to move to Fort Mcmurray anytime they choose. People stay in these camps because it fits their lifestyles and family lives. Staying in camp also alleviates unnecessary fatigue due to the commute. Due to the 24 hour operation at these work sites, it requires 12 hour shifts. The commute to my site (not the furthest from town) is an hour and a half each way, turning my 12 hour shift into 15 hours. The workers in these camps are the people most affected by these decisions and have absolutely no voice in the outcome of these policies.