End bmi (Body Mass Index)

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We want the BMI(Body mass index) test taken away from the PFT(Physical fitness test) that is given to students throughout the oakland unified school district. From studying the bmi for the past couple of weeks we've come to term that the bmi is taken as a punishment to most high schoolers that we've talked to and surveyed. From a survey we gave out at Oakland Technical high school students, 96 student in grades 9-12, 82% agreed with the fact that the bmi is a tests that is inaccurate, causes self confidences issues, and just over all out dated. Giving teens a test about their own body's can cause detrimental thoughts when a test may fail you if you don't have the correct results because of your body type. Overall we think that the bmi test should be removed from the pft so students have a more likely chance of passing and not being self conscious of their body especially going through the awkward stages of highschool already. 

- Olivia Allen And Clara Rueca 9th grade students from Oakland Tech