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Dominos! Bring back Coca-Cola. Simples.

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Bring back Coke to Dominos!

Dominos Australia sold out their customers by switching to Pepsi. Its time they realised it was a poorly researched, unpopular decision. In a frequently repeated PR line from the company they say they conducted "extensive customer testing, including online, and found that customers wanted a wider range of drink options". 

Sadly, the poor folk in Domino's management didn't realise that customers wanting more drink options didn't mean that Australia preferred Pepsi. They also sent their worst negotiators to the table, so instead of retaining Coke and offering Pepsi at a lower price point (something Pepsi has to do because no one likes it), they just ditched Coke to increase their profits. Now they have thousands of complaints all over their FaceBook page from people who are fuming. (

So ... lets put this to bed. Dominos, heres a petition from people who want Coke back. If we are really misled on this, then release the figures showing that your business is booming and sales of Pepsi have outpaced Coke since the swap and we promise to be quiet. Otherwise, realise you made a massive stuff up, fire some people in upper management, and add Coke back to your menu. Hell, leave Pepsi there for the cheapskates, just give your customers some choice.

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