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Make Forever 21, ForNEVER 21

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Forever 21 is a popular store across the world that carries trendy clothes for young women and men at very affordable prices. I, myself, used to shop there, up until this year when I found out about the horrible working conditions that the factory workers have to endure every day. 

The workers in L.A. are impoverished to start with, so working in Forever 21 factories is not a choice for them. It is a last resort and they only work for Forever 21 to earn enough money for necessities such as food and shelter. The $4 the workers are paid an hour barely is enough to sustain themselves, let alone their families. 

The company of Forever 21 does not care about their workers, they care about their company succeeding and making money. Recently discovered in an article by Charles Manning, a Forever 21 representative denied responsibility for the poor working conditions but said that they took the problems seriously, but did not mention anything about change. Since the factory owner's and CEO's of Forever 21 and those who do not work in the factories do not experience the horrible conditions that the workers suffer through, they are more reluctant to any change, and don't believe that anything needs to be done about the conditions. 

Forever 21 factories violate numerous health laws. The factories are extremely unsanitary and are filled with rats, leading to an increase in the chances that the workers get sick. The conditions are miserable, and to make matters worse, workers are trapped there for many hours during the day. Workers endure a working environment that does not meet health standards. “Dirty Threads, Dangerous Factories” found that 60 percent of workers “reported that excessive heat and dust accumulation was due to poor ventilation that rendered it difficult to work, and even to breathe” (Raghuram). With the workers being more exposed to diseases, in the likely case of them getting sick, they will not be able to afford health care. The factory owners and CEO's must take charge and clean up the factories to protect their workers.

It is remarkable how workers are barely surviving in the terrible conditions of working the Forever 21 factories, but even more so that the factory owners don’t care that they are causing widespread misery to all of their workers. 

“Every time you buy a dirt-cheap piece of clothing, you are propping up the sweatshop-labor industry. If that bothers you, you know what to do: Shop less and spend more on better quality, ethically-produced clothes. Your closet won't be as full, but you probably own more shit than you wear as it is” (Manning). Consumers need to be more aware of the problems that they cause when they buy from cheap companies such as Forever 21. Stop buying clothing from Forever 21 in return for better conditions for workers. These factory issues are not just for Forever 21 factories, they are widespread across almost all of the cheap clothing companies across the world. Sign the petition to help the workers. This will be sent to Donald Trump.

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