Save US Soccer - Don't elect Kathy Carter as USSF President

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US Soccer is struggling in controversy, mediocrity, and a severe lack of direction. While the men and women who put on the stars and stripes have performed admirably, they are being used as a marketing tool to line the pockets of various seen and unseen stakeholders that are feeding off of US Soccer. In order to champion the causes of improved performance on the pitch, pay equity, youth development, pay to play, and the building up of soccer in the US, a new approach is needed.

Due to the failure of the UMSNT to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, a groundswell of support led to current USSF President, Sunil Gulati, to not run for re-election. While this outcome is a move in the right direction, we are unfortunately witnessing a series of events that will lead to the election of Kathy Carter, a candidate who represents the status quo.

Kathy Carter has been running SUM, Soccer United Marketing, the for-profit marketing arm of Major League Soccer and the EXCLUSIVE marketing partner of the USSF. It is between these three organizations where we have seen a lack of transparency in financial deals and the prioritization of money over results and development. The performance of the USMNT, working conditions of the USWNT, and the development of the youth programs and future US stars comes as a distant second to the financial success of SUM, MLS, and others. A Kathy Carter USSF Presidency will be a continuation of personal financial gain with little to no improvement in soccer in the US.

Voting for the USSF President is done by various councils, organizations, and other voting members. This process alone is shroud in complication ( but when simplified, the strongest voting member is MLS, a huge financial beneficiary of SUM. This presents a huge conflict of interest. Between the voting power of those who have gained financially from Kathy Carter's SUM organization and the high number of candidates which will likely split votes, a Kathy Carter win is all but assured.

Please sign this petition to send a message to the various USSF Presidential voting members that we love this sport and we love this country. We deserve a leadership group that has the best interests of the country and the sport in mind. Tell them that the status quo is not acceptable, electing Kathy Carter is not acceptable, and that change is needed to advance soccer in the US.