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Re-consider the recent partnership with Monsanto

On October 1st Tui will become the national distributor for Roundup in the lawn and garden business in New Zealand partnering with Monsanto. They have said they were very proud and excited to be involved with this prominent brand and the opportunities it will afford - but there is growing evidence that Roundup is not safe.

Monsanto’s advertising campaigns have convinced many people that Roundup is safe, but the facts just don’t support this. Independent scientific studies have shown that Roundup is toxic to earthworms, beneficial insects, birds and mammals, plus it destroys the vegetation on which they depend for food and shelter. Although Monsanto claims that Roundup breaks down into harmless substances, it has been found to be extremely persistent, with residue absorbed by subsequent crops over a year after application. Roundup shows adverse effects in all standard categories of toxicological testing, including medium-term toxicity, long-term toxicity, genetic damage, effects on reproduction, and carcinogenicity.

We need Tui to reconsider this partnership, we want to make a change to our country and we don't want to sell it to Monsanto.

I am a stay at home mum who lacks sleep. Since becoming a mum I have become aware of where my food comes from and what chemicals might be harming us.  I am not affiliated with any groups - but after reading online about Round Up I have committed to spend a little bit of time each day to try and make things better for my kids.  I would love it if you joined me in this.

Monsanto is a very powerful multinational company and I might be just one mum -  but together I think we can show Tui (an NZ company) that we don’t want them to be distributing this dangerous Monsanto made chemicals in NZ.

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