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Dominos Pizza Mount Colah - End the CRUELTY and deliver Pizza to Mooney Mooney

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Domino's Pizza is the largest Pizza chain in Australia, serving millions of happy customers each year, most of which through their world renowned home delivery service. However the residents of Mooney Mooney and Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney have never experienced the bliss of a warm slice of Dommy's being delivered to their front door, as the closest franchise - Domino's Mount Colah - won't drive the extra 5-10kms from their "cut off zone" to help us battlers out. As a resident of Mooney Mooney, I am asking Don Meij (CEO of Domino's Australia) and the management of the Mount Colah franchise to please come to some arrangement that can result in the deliciousness of Domino's delivery becoming available to those in the 2083 (except for Dangar Island, Bar Point, Milsons Passage and the other boat-access only suburbs that also make up that postcode - I mean, I'm not a nutter, I'm not expecting you to get in a boat LOL). I am open to suggestions to make this happen, be it a small surcharge or waiving any "delivered in 30min or less" guarantees. In short, I'm a reasonable man but I want my Domino's, god dammit! It's 2016, let's make dreams come true

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