Fuck Pepsi, Bring Back Coke - Domino's Australia, Coca-Cola

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Domino's Australia do not understand what "expand" means. They think it means removing THE all time favorite Coca-Cola line and replacing it with shit tasting toilet water Pepsi. 

As loyal customers, for years we've been drinking the delicious Coca-Cola with our Domino's pizzas. Everyone loves Coke. It goes well with everything. Whereas the only thing Pepsi tastes good with is KFC when you're incredibly hung over. 

Without surveying loyal customers, who for decades have been enjoying delicious Coca-Cola, they've suddenly switched to Pepsi. With a staff member telling me for a mere saving of 10 cents a bottle. That's right, FUCKING 10 FUCKING cents a bottle. 

Had they sent out a simple survey to everyone who ordered pizza online with them, thus already being subscribed to an emailing list, they'd have found through just two questions, 99.99% of customers wouldn't want this. They could and should have asked us loyal customers:
1) Pepsi have offered us a deal that saves us 10 cents a bottle. Coca-Cola didn't. Would you be happy to pay an extra 10 cents every time you order a bottle of coke with your order?
2) How do you feel about Domino's decreasing our drinks range and switching to Pepsi? Happy | Angry | Don't Care

Already reading the comments emerging on Facebook and Twitter, as more and more people slowly become aware of this slippery fucking bullshit deal, that people overwhelmingly hate Pepsi and want Coca-Cola brought back.

Instead of doing a survey of loyal paying customers, they pulled a slippery cunt move and fucked over all Australian Domino's Pizza customers. 

Tell them we want Coca-Cola brought back. Then share this with all your friends. The ironic part, had they manned up and been 100% upfront and honest, the Pepsi deal wouldn't even be so bad if they'd included Dr Pepper, but they fucking didn't.

Bring back Coca-Cola, Domino's Australia. If you don't, you will wind up going bankrupt and wishing you'd fired the pleb that made the truly 100%, un-Australian decision of screwing over your loyal customers and offering toilet water in an unparamount deceitful way. 

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