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Semestral breaks for students.

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Semestral breaks for students, for us.

Students tend to absorb information better when acquired with rest and is able to do leisure activities. Give them the freedom to enjoy the spirit of being a student by rewarding them with a short vacation in the middle of the school year because they surely deserve it.

The boundaries of academic work are vague or what we call ill-defined, and so work follows from our schools to our homes, in the evenings and the weekends. Some students tend to ignore/come or participate in family activities due to school work and reaching deadlines. Taking a break, even though it requires us to suspend work for a while can make us more efficient when we return to study, mentally and physically rested. Simply by making it through another year, we need to earn a break. If students won't have their semestral break, this would affect their:

  • mental health. Students sometimes tend to cram because of all the work given to them at school. They don't get enough sleep/rest that they need.
  • time. Semestral break would affect the students time with their family. Instead of spending their time with their family, they do school works. 

We would like to address this petition to our school, Dominican College to let students have their well deserved semestral break because of all the hard works had faced this year.

If we can make this happen, students will be able to rest physically and mentally from all the works in school and can go back to school ready. 


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