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A school is supposed to be a child's second home, a place where he/she will grow personally, intellectually, and socially. Dominican College, San Juan is an exclusive Catholic school that not only exercises discipline but also pushes its students to be the best they can and reach their greatest potential. But, as all schools inevitably have, Dominican College also has flaws. This is why Dominican students are striving for change.

The two issues we would like to focus on are the lack of support, funds, facilities, and training in sports and excessive schoolworks.

1. Lack of Support, Funds, Facilities, and Training in Sports

First of all, as students, one of our sources of entertainment and productivity is sports. It does not only enhance our skills but also our sportsmanship and it encourages teamwork, which is a very important thing we must learn in school. The lack of transportation, preparation, facilities, funds, and training is a big hindrance to the progress of sports and our players in our school. Vital things when it comes to preparation for sports competitions such as jerseys and coaches for training should be care of the school and not of the players themselves. A solution we came up with for this problem is to include all sports-related expenses in the tuition fee. This should be enough for the school to be responsible for the players’ jerseys, coaches, and for the improvement and increase of sports facilities and equipments. The school should also consider entering more sports competitions to not only boost school spirit but also improve the image of our school.

2. Excessive Schoolworks
A student’s life should be a balance between self, home, social life, and school. This would make a student’s life both productive and enjoyable. At the rate the schoolworks are going at Dominican College, most of a student’s time is spent on academic demands which leaves little time for self, home, and social life. The stress caused by the great amount of schoolworks given to the students affects them negatively physically, mentally, and emotionally. The solution we came up with for this problem is for there to be no schoolworks given before weekends. This should give students ample time to enjoy their teenage life and spend time with family, friends, and themselves for some “me time”.

Other issues we have noticed and would like to do something about are 1) the lack of semestral break, 2) the exposure trip being made compulsory, and 3) lack of socialization and interaction with other schools.

Dominican College is definitely a great school but addressing the issues would make it better, especially the student life. It would make school for the students more enjoyable and make them grow more socially. All we students want is a chance to make our voices heard. All we students want is change.

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