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Petition to promote Sex Education in Catholic Schools

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In the Philippines, sex is a sensitive topic that most adults would rather avoid than confront when an adolescent starts to ask questions. Some Filipino adults view the "birds and the bees" talk as taboo and irrelevant for the development of the child. However, as time goes by, the child's curiosity blossoms from asking why the skies are blue to how children are made.

With the way adults decide to dodge the latter question, the teenagers result to engaging in the act due to lack of knowledge, curiosity, and sometimes, peer pressure. 

We are in favor of the promotion of sex education as it could help lessen cases of unplanned pregnancy and sudden expulsion from institutions and universities. Furthermore, we also believe that sex education will give us the awareness and discernment of the act that will eventually lead to addressing the problem in overpopulation.

There is this misconception that the exposure to the topic of sex might drive teenagers into doing it rather than keeping them away from the act before marriage. However, we strongly believe that it is the absence of knowledge and the presence of the inevitable release of hormones that make the teenagers do what they shouldn't do. And since we are unable to control the hormones, it would be best to educate them about it as it would satisfy their curiosity. 

There are pros and cons for the promotion of Sex Education, but as students, and members of the youth, we view Sex Education as an opportunity to help develop our Morality and eventually, be of help in reducing the consequences that come with early, unplanned pregnancy.



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