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 Housing Associations are selling off social housing stock . What will this mean to you and your families? The impact which this will have, particularly on those most in need, will be to reduce the amount of homes available in local authority areas where this is allowed to happen. This means that, when your children and grandchildren and future generations are old enough to fly the nest and leave home there will be little or no social housing for them to move into because the disposal of rentable properties will create a shortage of homes which can be disposed of much more quickly than replacing them if, at all, they have any intention of replacing them. A lot of these homes are being disposed of as being non-viable to repair  ..... in short the local housing associations have failed to invest in these properties on a year on year basis by carrying out regular maintenance and now find the cost of bringing them up to date prohibitive. A lot is said about so called `affordable homes` but there are always going to be those who are suffering from long term illness, unemployment, and zero hours contracts, who are not going to be able to afford to buy or even to get a mortgage to buy and they are going to need homes to live in. I therefore call on Dominic Raab MP to halt the disposal of these properties until there is an investigation into just how many of these homes can be put back into use by a programme of investment and just how many properties really need to be disposed of. In my local area alone there have been over 1000 units of social housing removed from availability over the last year...... multiply this by the amount of housing associations across the country and we could lose tens of thousands of homes. People will always need social housing and now is the time to stand up and be counted and stop the disposal of housing stock before it goes any further.

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